Duo Kamppi & Roihu, Viivi Roiha and Sade Kamppila

Viivi Roiha started her circus hobby in 1997 in the Pukinmäki youth circus school. This hobby turned into her profession later in her life, as she graduated from the circus artist program in Salpaus Further Education in Finland in 2009. After graduation, Viivi continued her studies in France in the highly appreciated Centre National des Arts du Cirque, and graduated from there in 2012. After her graduation she toured with CNAC around France and the rest of Europe with their performance This is the End (directed by David Bobee). She left the tour after 56 performances to join known director Arpad Schilling's performance Noéplanete in one of the most known theaters in Paris. The performace toured France and Switzerland. Viivi has  and co-coreographed and performend in various performances directed by Sanna Silvennoinen of the Finnish Circo Aereo (Ro-pu 2012, Pienempiä Paloja 2013, Mumbai Express 2013). She performed at the Silence Festival in 2014 with a forest trail performance, where the audience was brought to watch meditative aereal acrobatics in the middle of the quiet forest atmosphere of Finnish Lapland. In 2016 Viivi was performing as a circus soloist in CirkOpera, the first opera/circus creation in Finland performed at the Finnish National Opera.

In France Viivi has worked with the multidisciplinary art company Le GdRA's performance Sujet, which contemplates insanity and the anthropology of sanity. She is touring with Chloe Moglia's new performance OSE, which premiered in November 2016 in Lannion. Moglia creates her performances through aereal acrobatics, meditation, martial arts and time-space-theories. Viivi is also performing the French and Finnish versions of Cirkus Xanti's Bastard, and did the Finnish version of Xanti's Red Fever Tree. She toured with Company Galapiat's performance Mad in Finland 2014-2015.  Viivi is currently working on new creations with Fragan Gehlker and Elice Abonce. She has been working as a circus teacher for students of all ages since 2006.

Viivi is specialized in aereal rope. In her art she is interested in alternative circus and combining various art forms.  In her work Viivi has been contemplating women's position in culture and as a performer. She is inspired by simplicity, absurdity, naturalness and her own way of moving and expressing. A review in the Finnish newspaper said that "Viivi Roiha's flowing aereal acrobatics are wild and rough" (Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 12.9.2014).


Sade Kamppila was an artistic gymnast in her youth, and switched the hobby to circus when she was 19 years old. After graduating from Salpaus Further Education's circus artist program, she and 5 of her classmates founded their company Sirkus Aikamoinen. Their strenght lies in large variety in mastered circus disciplines as well as instruments played, and its signature style is a warm spirited acoustic flow accompanied with a strong do-it-yourself -spirit and strong friendship amongst the groups members. With Aikamoinen, Sade has been creating the shows Skaala (2009), Aisti (2011, a finalist in the Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe -program in 2010), Pluto Crazy (2012, a co-production with Norwegian Cirkus Xanti), Dr. Natchez Trio (2015), and the currently touring The Land of the Happy (2o14, a co-production with Maracat Caravan and Circo Aereo). Aikamoinen has toured with its shows, street performances and school tours around Finland, and the rest of Scandinavia and visiting France, Estonia, Russia and Spain. Currently Sade is with her group creating Circus I love you, a project by an international team of 8 performers touring with its own tent. Sade has also performed with the Lahti City Theatre's Sleeping beauty (2009-2010), in Circo Aereo's Pienempiä paloja (2013) and Concerto Planos (2016), in Spherical Space, a contact improvisation performance directed by Mirva Mäkinen (2015), Finnish version of Cirkus Xanti's Red Fever Tree and Cirkus Perspektiv's Gynoïdes -Circus Female Intelligenzia (2016). She has been working as a circus teacher in various circus schools for all aged students since 2009.

Sade's strength as a circus performer is her pluridisciplinarity. She is combining all her skills from acrobatics to painting in her art. She is mostly focusing on banquine and a hand to hand as a flyer, dance acrobatics and swinging trapeze. She also performs hair hanging, bicycle, rope and roller skates. Sade plays clarinet, ukulele and sings. She is interested in fusing spirit, mind and body into a single functioning unit in her work as a circus artist. Sade's acrobatics was described in a Swedish review: "Dance acrobat Sade Kamppila is a physical phenomenon who spreads energy and happiness through violent flips, responsive clarinet playing and by plucking her ukulele in a headstand" (Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet 7.1.2016)