Sade: Works in progress

Now it is a bit over a week left before the concrete work with the forest project will start for 2015. This week I'll spend in the best possible way, performing with Sirkus Aikamoinen in Ostrava and Bratislava. We are getting some really nice news with Viivi a lot lately for the project.

For the week including Midsummers Eve celebration we will be renting a cottage in Finland to work with photographer Ben Hopper. The cottage owner had contacted Viivi proposing us to perform to the locals while we are there. Also, a festival in France is wanting us to come have some residency and present works in progress at the end of the week. I just met Jenni Kallo from Kallo Collective, at who's place in La Grave we will be working in September, and she had some great propositions of how we could present our work to the mountain village people.

We had decided on taking this year easy with performing, so we could have a relaxed start for the project and have time to settle into what we want to do. We had not searched for a lot of places to perform in, but I think all these "surprise" possibilities of presenting our work in the stage it will be in at the time are very valuable and inspiring for us, not to be all stuck with ourselves only. I'll be updating all the dates to our calendar when we have something fixed.

We start with a 3 woman forest retreat 26.5 with Isla Peura near Jyväskylä. From there we will continue towards Kittilä for the Silence Festival. We plan on some photographic experiments to take place in the middle of the night at dusk and dawn. Around this time of the year the dark part of the night is already quite short. With the light, I feel full of inspiration, so I'm in a constant state of excitement towards all these great projects coming up.