Viivi: introduction

Hi, my name is Viivi, i’m a circus artist.

I have been doing circus since i was 8 years old. I’m 26 now. I have been living in France now for 6 years. I work mostly for the others, I’ve been touring in theaters and with tents, sleeping in hotels and caravans.  I got really tired, I worked maybe too much but it was good and i was lucky to have all the projects. Today i feel that the forest is calling me, i feel the call of my land. I want to travel but now i can’t imagine to go anywhere else than north.

I love the moon, I am with the moon.

I miss the smell in the forest.

I hope to spend time with the sun that doesn’t go down.

I hope to go around a tree three times and imagine that i will transform in to a bear.

I hope to be in the middle of reindeers.

I hope to follow a fairy to a mountain cliff.

I hope to put my head upside down and feel the wind in the trees.

I hope to spend time in silence with out time.

I hope to remember.

I hope to be free and pure.

I hope to smell like wood.

I hope all this to be possible.

I hope to be capable.

I hope to learn from it.

I’m scared and there’s lot of hoping and expectations here.

I hope to be inspired by forest and believes.

I hope to offer something real and relaxing to the audience.

I hope to take them with me in a magical place.

I hope to go away from theaters and buyers and small circles for a while.

I hope to breathe.

In one breath there’s a beginning and an end. (just a thought which i find beautiful)

For me the forest can awaken same feelings than towards god, fear. Maybe forest is the god. Forest takes you in without asking and knows more about you than you do. Most of all I don’t know what will happen, but i’m really looking forward to starting this project.